Monday, May 7, 2012

First Week of May 2012

I've received 6 so far this month and they are all really awesome!  

I received this one today from a direct swap from Portugal.  I know that's not a legitimate stamp but I think the postal labels from other countries are equally interesting sometimes.  Call me crazy!

Cute brown bear from Belarus... BY-431207... great stamps!

Another brown bear, this one from Estonia.  He looks like he wants to chomp the camera a little bit!  (EE-130004)  Year of the Dragon Estonia stamp!

"Malaysia is a melting pot of races and cultures."  (MY-98840)  I love seeing people on postcards!

NL-1190694... typical Dutch Delfi-blue porcelain chatskis in a vending machine!  The sender says she sees these vending machines a lot - so weird and very smart.  They must make a fortune with tourists!  Postcrossing stamp too!

RU-927989... with the Kremlin in the background, Russian nesting dolls or matryoshkas... I love it!

Have fun!