Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two for Thursday

The first one is a really cute one from Zagreb, Croatia...

The second one is a beautiful one from the Bavarian Alps in Germany...


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Love Postcards!

RU-1208616 (Russia)  A fall day in Samara, Russia along the Volga River and in Strukovsky Garden on a fall day...

Direct Swap from Seattle, Washington -- I really need to send this beautiful lady some cards in return!  She's at the top of my list!!

BE-167976 (Belgium)  The sender lives in Belgium but sent from Morocco so I received from both worlds!  Bonus!!  The back says "marchand ambulant d'oranges".  Traveling orange merchant.  I love it when the translations come easy.  :o)

I love this card from the Big Apple!!

BY-594831 - cute critter from Belarus...


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back For More!

Hi there - I have been off of Postcrossing and postcard swapping all summer and I'm slowly getting back into it again.  I think I just needed some time off.  I do still work 45 hours a week and have 2 small children at home.  My free time was spent with my girlies and hubby for the past few months.  Now the girls are in school full-time, Kindergarten and 1st grade, and my big girl still at home is back at college, a junior this year.  Time for Mom to take up her long-lost hobby again.  :o)  I'm going to be sending cards out by the bunches this coming week.  I have the next week off of work!  I did send out about 20 a few weeks ago so I'm starting to get some in return now.  Here they are...

Postcard: TW-647744 (Taiwan)

Postcard: US-1861719 

Postcard: FI-1539078 (Finland)  

It's the Pixar movie, Brave!  Great movie - our girls loved it and so did I!  Can't wait for it to come out in DVD so we can see it again... It has a Mama Bear and some adorable bear cubs in it!

Private swap from Seattle, Washington... It has a top layer that you spin around to make an optical illusion... very cool... :o)  I love that 32 cent Marilyn Monroe stamp - I wish I had some of those!

Postcard: RU-952464 (Russia)  

This is why I like ad cards!  (Most all Postcrossers hate them, despise them, complain about them.  Why?  Because they were free to the sender?  I don't know.)  I find them so interesting and fun!  You get to see ads from other cultures and languages AND they are usually double-sided.  This chick sent me 2 in an envelope... including a bear!  That drink looks very yummy.  I could go for that right now.  It's yucky and rainy here today in northern Ohio.

Until next time, my friend,