Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 2013 ~~ Part 3

Kitty with a dirty nose thanks to the postal machines!  And Teddy Bears too!  AND a recipe for Finnish pancake!  

Great card from Holland...

I love this lighthouse from Jupiter!

Here is a card from the Czech Republic (CZ-374923)... It says, "God created beer on the 8th day... and since then nobody's seen Him."  :o)

Lenticular Merry Christmas from the Netherlands 
(direct swap from Zwolle)...

Beautiful view from Taiwan!

Nice card from France (FR-344651)...

From Belarus (BY-1107137)...

From Taiwan... on Orchid Island there is the Yami people who combine different kinds of wood to build their boats (tutara), some small for just 1 or 2 people and some large enough for 10, then they go out to catch flying fish.  Love this card with the cutest bear!!

This Koala is pretty darn cute too!  From China (CN-1141739).  He is saying, "If I'm a koala bear, I might not fall in love with you.  Because I'm afraid you are lonely when I'm asleep."  Awwwww...

From Germany (DE-2734254)

The British Museum in London, UK by way of Hong Kong!  Love it!  (HK-199840)


December 2013 ~~ Part 2

Love this card from Belarus!  (BY-1103706)

From the Ukraine (UA-854519)

Here is US-2556485... so pretty...

This card is called "Breakfast", sent from Russia (RU-2208199)...

My youngest daughters and I had fun looking at all the people having fun on this canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands (NL-2232666)

From Poland (PL-781376)... what a lovely place!

Matilda drawn by way of Blind Contouring.  This is a way of drawing in which you do not look at the paper, only at the outline of the subject and draw it in one continuous line, without picking up your pen.  Very cool!  (US-2556310) from Texas

Merry Christmas from Belarus!  (BY-1095399)

The German soldiers cemetery in Belgium - there are 40,000 soldiers laid to rest here with 20,000 crosses... (BE-248944)
The stamp smells like chocolate!

Direct swap from Sweden...

From Taipei, Taiwan... (TW-1109455)...

What does the fox say?  Sorry, had to do that!  My youngest daughter confiscated this card immediately - it's a lenticular and so cute!  (DE-2737522) from Germany...