Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One A Day...

Received one card yesterday from Hong Kong and one today from Baltimore, Maryland.  Can two places be any different or farther apart?  Both very beautiful places! 

The description on the card (HK-28255):  "Tai O is on the westernmost tip of Lantau Island.  Most villagers are fishermen who also sell dried seafood and the pungent shrimp paste.  They live in stilt houses built with waterproof wood logs."  I watched a documentary on the making of shrimp paste.  It was a very interesting show.  I like that kind of thing.  Everyone there eats shrimp paste as a staple of their diet and it is very yummy, yet very stinky and you don't even want to know how they make it!

Very cool Baltimore, Maryland card!  I like it.  Baltimore looks like such a fascinating and exciting city!  I will always remember it as the place where Meg Ryan's character lives in "Sleepless In Seattle", a movie I've seen dozens of times.  :o)

Have fun!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wanna See My Cards I Ordered?

Since I haven't received any cards from Postcrossing folks or friends in a few days, here are some cards I received from MYSELF!  I created these through and they came out great!  Want me to send you one?  Drop me a line and I WILL!

I started advertising the blog on them!  Yay!  I love getting cards through Zazzle.  I don't have a very big store on there but I have sold some of the cards I've created.  I only use photos I've taken or photos that are public domain for my subject matter. 

Nearly all those photos on the Ohio card I took myself.  My husband is in the middle photo with one of my youngest daughters and those kids by the water are my oldest daughter, my niece and nephews.  I'm even in the one with the lighthouse with my two youngest girls!  I made sure no one can really see us clearly so the beauty of Northwest Ohio is what is featured.  Some folks really hate multiview cards but I love them just as much as any other card.  I can always blow up the image after I scan it.  I upload all the cards I send officially on Postcrossing so people could do the same even if they don't scan cards. 

My husband is the nosiest person on earth.  He always is trying to read what I write - as if I'm writing some lusty letter to a secret lover or something!  One of these days when he's straining to read over my shoulder I'm going to play a joke and give him something to see!

Well, I hope the images show up in the post because on the last post I was unable to see the images after the entry posted.  I don't know if that was just me and my lousy old computer or everybody.  I posted that entry more than once and got the same results.  We'll see what happens here.

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Received this beautiful card from China ...
B-1 Case Pavilion, an UBPA (Urban Best Practice Area) pavilion in Shanghai Expo Park

Different view of stamps...

Have fun!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Business Has Been Slow...

Didn't receive any cards at all the last few days and just this one today...

Awesome -  a bird's eye view of Disneyland in Anaheim, California... who doesn't love Disneyland? 

Sent out 15 cards a few days ago and I'm sending out 15 cards tomorrow so I'll be swimming in cards again soon!  Yay!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Playing Bigtime Catch-UP!

I have cards up the booty to blog.  I worked a LOT last week and over the weekend so I have them saved up.  I'll be sending out mucho beaucoop cards tomorrow.  :o)  Yes, I took both Spanish and French in high school and am not proficient in either one but I know a few words.

Peek-a-Boo I see you!!  (I just had to do that-LOL)  Cute little red-headed woodpecker from the Netherlands.  We have these beautiful birds in our backyard too.  They love suet!  I make sure they are well fed.  :o)  NL-582882 received March 21, 2011

So pretty from Germany!  (DE-860838) received March 21, 2011 

Direct swap from California - cool...

Received this and my heart about broke thinking and worrying about this dear Postcrosser and all the people of Japan in this terrible and sorrowful time after the devastating earthquake and tsunami last week.  I pray for them everyday.  This card is an illustration by Makoto Takahashi, a very famous girls' comic writer. 

The Moscow Metro!  I always wondered which line to take to... um... Oktiabrskoye Pole.  :o)  Very cool postcard to receive.  I love it!  (RU-341285) 

I have no idea at all what this is - my best guess is a street sign in the hazy rain at night somewhere in China.  It certainly is unusual and I like those.  (CN-337871) Received March 21, 2011

Direct swap from Romania - awesome view of the Casino in Constanta.  Love it.

All I can say is GO BUCKS!!!!  This is a Postcrossing card I received from my own state of Ohio celebrating the fabulous American football college team, the Ohio State Buckeyes!  We are huge fans here in our household.  (US-1040403)

Direct swap from the United Kingdom - "Magical Realms" stamps on postcards - Illustration by Howard Swindell of Terry Pratchett's Discworld character. 

Here is St Simon in front of St Simons Orthodox Cathedral in Brest, Belarus.  (BY-15081)

And now I listen to Janis Joplin's "Maybe Baby" and write me some kick ass postcards. 
Good night, my friend!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Received seven cards today!!  Check them out...

New England Cottontail Rabbit (US-1030298)  for my HoneyBears...

From the Czech Republic (CZ-100530)  I love that gorgeous stamp!!

Kazan Cathedral in Moscow, Russia  - just beautiful!  (RU-351989)

Watertower, cannon square, marine museum, square for those who have fallen in World War II, Lightship Church, and a Gate of a fort with view over the dunes and lighthouse
Too bad the cut-out didn't survive the postal service's brutal machines.  The ID number was on that corner!  Have to research to find the ID number. 

I love roller coasters!  This one's called the Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA

Another cute cute bunny sent to my HoneyBears!  This one's from Portugal.  (PT-167908)  Can you believe that stamp?  Is that seriously commemorating the USA's victory over Britain in the Revolutionary War??  You're kidding!  I thought the entire world hated and detested the evil United States.  Let's leave politics out of Postcrossing.

University of Wroclaw in Poland (PL-158784)

Now I have to feed our 3 dogs, 2 cats, and settle in for a movie with my adorable husband.
Good night, my friend!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Holy Spring!!

I've spotted the first robin in my back yard!!  Well, actually the first 10 robins!  It must be spring-ish!!  I'm super excited.  What a cold, snowy winter it's been.  We set our clocks ahead an hour (spring ahead) tonight for Daylight Savings Time.  Woo-hoo!  I received one card yesterday and 5 cards today.  Like I said before - feast or famine.  I love each and every one of them though.  :o)  I'm always overjoyed when the mail lady comes - curious to see what's in the mail box!

 Famous and Beautiful Sites of Australia
Whitsunday Island, Byron Bay Lighthouse, Ulluru, Sydney Opera House, The Twelve Apostles
(AU-122799 ~ Received March 11, 2011)

Dutch singer, Ilse Delange, and her song "Here I Am" 
(NL-578885 ~ Received March 12, 2011)

Celebrating International Women's Day, the 8th of March! 
(BY-150137 from Belarus ~ Received on March 12, 2011)

 The Famous Mick & Mandy (Jip & Janneke)
Sent to my HoneyBears from Zwolle, Netherlands
(NL-577855 - Received on March 12, 2011)

Later Gator