Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cathedral Cove, Coromandel, New Zealand

"It's a short, picturesque walk over the bluff from Hahei, to discover Cathedral Cove, a huge sea-formed cavern which faces the sheer-sided island, "The Lion's Head".
Received June 29, 2011 by direct swap...


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cards Received June 27-28

Ugh, so tired today.  Came home from a meeting at work to find the dog had gotten sick all over the living room rug.  Wonderful.  Where is my nice cozy bed?  My cards made me smile though! 

Received this one in a direct swap from a friend who went on vacation to lovely Mallorca, Spain!  Wow, looks so beautiful...

US-1092708 from lovely Las Vegas!  I so wanted to go to Vegas and elope back when I first got married but we had a slight crisis at the time and we had to use our money for something else.  :o(  No fun!

Direct swap from Seattle, Washington... "From the Garden of the Chateau" (1921-1925) by Charles Demuth.  I think that was my orthodontist's name when I was a teenager!  Maybe not the same dude though.  Heehee...


Friday, June 24, 2011

Eight for June 24th!

I've said it before - Postcrossing for me is feast or famine!  I have gone several days receiving nothing at all in the mail except a stray bill here and there and don't I want to switch to Direct TV?  How about ordering some useless junk from Junk Furnishings Are Us?  But today, FINALLY, I received not one, but EIGHT cards!  Woohoo!  I'm the Queen, please worship me now.  :o)

Here's a direct swap from my dear friend in California...

Another direct swap from a sweetie pie in Tostedt, Germany...

BY-196043, art card from Belarus and I wish I could read Belarussian so I could know who the artist is.  I can't even search the computer since they have all the different looking letters.  It seems like a hard language.  I greatly admire all these people who are able to speak multiple languages.  I can only minimally read Spanish and French.  It's a great card... 

ES-120118 Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciencies in Valencia, Spain.  Perfect example of my simple Spanish skills!  I can tell that says "Center of the Arts and Sciences".  Interesting buildings!  This Postcrosser says Valencia is the best city in Spain!  :o)  I would love to visit Spain someday. 

SK-14478 - Bratislava, Slovakia... A panoramic view of Bratislava's Old Town with castle, below is the Presidential Palace.  Pretty!

IT-137963 - La rocca di Acicastello.  Very cool.  The Acicastello Castle was built in 1071 by Normann who conquered Sicily. 

US-1174324 - Tybee Lighthouse, originally built in the 1730s.  It continues to guide mariners from its 5-acre site at the mouth of the Savanna River, Georgia.  I love it!  Art by Sterling Everett.

Wow - saved the best for last... NL-686068 - a beautiful handmade card by Dorine from the Netherlands!  Those are beads and strings!  I'm so happy it made it through the mail system intact.  The envelope was very scruffy looking but the card is perfect.  I love it!

Later Gator!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Soo Saad...

I am mourning the loss of Clarence Clemons this evening.  He died tonight at the age of 69 from complications of a stroke.  He was the sax man for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, my teenage favorites.  I still know all the lyrics to those old songs from the 70s!  They played "Jungleland", "Backstreets", and "Born To Run" while I was driving in the car tonight.  RIP Big Man - I'll miss you!

Mourning the emptiness of Father's Day for me, having lost my father and father-in-law in 2009.  I love and miss them everyday.  They were gone too soon.  Of course, I celebrate my lovely husband, father of our 5 darling daughters!  He is the love of my life and my best friend.  He deserves a happy Father's Day!

And now the postcards...
I'm so sad also because while I was searching around in a bag today I found 2 postcards I never registered.  They were buried in a cell phone bag with a phone bill and some store ads from March 2010!  I was stunned and full of sorrow because they cannot be registered after a year has gone by.  Also, one of them is from a Postcrosser who is no longer active and the helpers at Postcrossing didn't reveal their ID name.  :o(  I feel so awful!  I must have gotten my cell phones home and completely forgot that mail in the bag, then tucked the bag away in the drawer where it waited over a year for me to pick it up!  Tragic.  I would hate for that to have been a card I sent to someone.  That's why I contacted Postcrossing so I could send them a few cards to make up for my idiocy.  The second card (from Brazil) had the Postcrosser's name on it so I easily found her with the search tool and sent her a message already.  I'm waiting to see what she says.  I apologized and asked for her address. 

Anyway, here is the first card (DE-528509) from Nina in Munich, Germany.  I'm sorry Nina wherever you are today, 15 months later!  And it's a completely AWESOME card - how could I have forgotten it?  Check it out... it's one of the best ones I've ever gotten since I adore classic rock and the Beatles... 

BR-95071 received 15 months ago from Andrea in Brazil... another great card from one of my favorite subjects... it's Barra's Lighthouse (Farol da Barra) and even had a polar bear stamp!!  OMG!  Again, how could I have forgotten it??  Terrible.

Received last Friday, June 17, 2011... FI-1116571, cute Pussy Willow Girl by Helene Schjerfbeck "Pajunkissatytto", 1886...

Received June 17th also, PL-221192, Stanislaw Wyspianski (1869-1907) "A view of the Kosciuszko Mound from the atelier window on a fine winter day."

TOTORO!!!!  I love him!  He's beyond adorable!  We have the movie, "My Neighbor Totoro", as well as every other Myazaki animation movie and love it like crazy.  A friend I met at the Michigan Postcrossing Meetup sent this to me and my oldest daughter after we struck up conversation about our mutual love of anime.  :o)  So very cool...

Until next time my friend

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Four for June 15th!

I'm back in business!  I mean I haven't received official cards or really much of anything in the mail box in a LONG time!  I had taken a little time off from sending for a while.  You know how it goes - you don't receive cards unless you send cards!  Just was tired and needed a break.  Then I sent a bunch and so today I received 3 officials and the meetup card I sent to myself!

I sent this to myself from the Meetup last Saturday so those are my stamps.  There are a bunch of signatures on it too but I'm not sure those folks would appreciate my publicizing their names without asking and I'm sure too lazy to ask!  LOL! 

RU-436191 sent from St. Petersburg - what a cute little guy!

Cool vintage-like card from the Philipines...

NL-673998 from the Netherlands - CUTE!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Awesome Day - Michigan Postcrossing Meetup 2011

Oh my, what a great time I had at the Michigan Postcrossing Meetup today in  Ann Arbor, Michigan!  It was so worth the 1 1/2 hour drive!  Six Postcrossers got together and chatted about our hopeless love of postcards and sharing them with the world.  We swapped cards.  Signed something like 300 cards altogether to send out from our Meetup.  About 30 were mine.  :o)  I sent one to myself too for a keepsake, since I'm so darn selfish!  LOL!  

The first card I'm posting is a direct swap from Germany and is beautiful.  
The next card is our official Meetup card we sent out.  Then there are cards I received in trade from the other Postcrossers.  I will more than likely keep them for myself since I love them!  I also posted the cards I bought in Ann Arbor which is a major college town, home to the University of Michigan.  It's a very pretty town!

Have fun!