Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Five For July 29th!

I haven't received more than a card a week or so for so long and then BOOM!  Five in one day!!  Wowee!  Here they are...

IT-218707 ... Santuario Di Oropa, Italian UNESCO site...

US-2334648 from Michigan... It's Alice In Wonderland!  LOVE!

This one's from Germany, but the postcard ID did not register, so I'm waiting to hear back from the Postcrossing people on what the correct ID is or what is wrong.  Edit:  By the time I finished the blog post, Postcrossing told me she left a number out of the ID.  

GB-448972 from Great Britain...

And last but not least, a hand-made card from the Netherlands... NL-1974952...


Sunday, July 21, 2013

China + Hong Kong = Lovely

Here are 5 cards from China and 2 from Hong Kong.  They are sorted separately through Postcrossing.  

First, a direct swap... This is Guilin...

Here is CN-924081...

CN-852533 from Luoyang...


CN-951299...The Scene of the Xiling Gorge...

Here is HK-133908 from Hong Kong... this is Macao, a part of UNESCO...

HK-137370... the highest mountain of Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan which in English means "Heavy Fog Mountain".  It is 957 meters tall.  

 zài jiàn 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Germany Rocks!!

I really love Germany so I'm very content with receiving so many cards from there.  :o)  My ancestors came to America from Germany in the 1850s and I can trace all my family back to Bavaria.  I always dream that someday I'll be Postcrossing with distant relatives of mine!  How crazy!  Stranger things have happened, of course.  And that is just one more awesome thing about Postcrossing - it brings the world closer together.

I sorted out my pile of un-blogged postcards according to country since I'm quite unsure on the dates I have received any of them.  The country from which I receive most Postcrossing cards is Germany.  There are seven in my pile from there.  :o)

I received this card today in my mailbox...  from the Black Forest... DE-2308655...

Here is one from Bavaria I received this month (DE-2126813).  This is the Bodensee near the Alps.  So pretty!

Cute bears for my collection!  DE-2169441...

And another cute bear!  
I want to give her a hug but she may rip my head off.  :o(  
Great stamps!  DE-2158555

Cute puppy card I received last May... DE-2076398...

Another from Bavaria!  It's Landsberg Am Lech.  Very pretty... DE-2114480...

Auf Wiedersehen!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back In the Saddle Again :o)

I think I've fallen a bit behind in my postcard blogging!  Oopsie.  The reason is this:  I have a great scanner but when I got a new computer I discovered it is not compatible with Windows 8.  Instead of trying to remedy the problem somehow, assuming it could be remedied, I have sat on my lazy, unmotivated butt and not blogged or posted to my Flickr account either.  Bad girl.  

But I'm going to start again at least here with scans from my printer that I am actually able to use.  
So I'll be catching up 5 at a time, I do believe.  
Stay tuned!

I received this one yesterday from the Netherlands... NL-1956760... Amsterdam "Brouwersgracht".

Ciao Baby