Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Six For the 26th!

The Postcrossing gods have blessed my mailbox with SIX cards today!!  Woohoo!!!

From the Ukraine... UA-481298...
So super beautiful!

LT-273665 Cool card from Lithuania... 
"Myliu levute" by Karolis Zaleckas

I received 2 cards from Minsk, Belarus today!


BY-747166... Football manege...

The Sandman from Germany!  He's a figure of the evening show for children, wishing "Good Night" to the children and throws his sand.  Very cool!  (DE-1959423)

The postal sorting machines tried their best to peel this card, but it arrived mostly in one piece all the way from Brazil.  :o)
It's the Old Train Station that is now a theater.


Lovely Mix of Cards!

From Germany... DE-1946116...

AU-262348... Flinders Ranges, South Australia; Koala; Heron Island, Queensland... Australia is so freakin' beautiful!  

From Germany... DE-1931063... love that the stamp was put on upside-down!

Birthday card from the Netherlands!  NL-1702973...

PL-653303... Wroclaw, Poland... the dwarfs are very abundant there and are connected with fighting for democracy in the 80s on Polish soil.  I really love that!

The Peking Opera, a Chinese postcard sent from Pennsylvania. 
It's great!  

Later Gator

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Today

It's a cold, windy, snowy day here in Ohio.  I put my cards out in the mailbox for the mail lady to pick up and mail this morning.  When I got to the house I looked back and the mailbox had blown open by the wind and I panicked!  My cards!!  I rushed back and one was gone.  Blown down the road, wet and muddy.  Oh well.  At least I didn't lose them all!

From China, CN-835895... The Northern New City.  This is the first card I've ever received, and I've received at least a couple thousand, where there was no writing at all other than my address.  Just a great big blank space.  Maybe the sender forgot?  I know not everyone can speak or write English either.  But EVERYONE can draw!  A happy face, sad face, stick figure, the Mona Lisa?  LOL!  It's all right, I'll survive... somehow.  Still a pretty cool card!

Another first - but for the sender!  I am honored to be the first card they have every sent through Postcrossing!  Wonderful!  Exciting!  It's a beautiful art card from Spain (ES-202672).  
"Las meninas" by Velazquez
I really dig that crazy stamp too!  Cool.

Here is DK-25933 sent from Denmark.  I love this.   


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Woo Hoo Super Week!

It was birthday week for me!  

Received this cute Moomin birthday card from Finland (FI-1661454)

Really, really AWESOME Alice In Wonderland card!!  I LOVE the Cheshire Cat and this is the best!  
RU-1481013 from Russia

It's Taipei 101 from Taiwan!  (TW-793956)

A birthday card from the Netherlands... NL-1686447... 

Here are two direct swap cards from Australia - love them!

US-2063456... The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee... I MUST visit this place someday!  :o)

Cute bear birthday card from the Ukraine (UA-461595)

I received these next ones today...

Wonderful card from Finland (FI-1663839)
"Juhlasoitto" by Raija Nokkala

The first card is not mine - I just scanned it because I loved it - of course, a polar bear!  :o)  What it is:  A traveler postcard project from the sender.  It is making its way around the world and my little town in Ohio was its first stop of 15.  I'll be sending it along to the next destination on Monday.  I so hope it finds its way back to Vlad in Russia!  I pray it does!  
The brown bear swimming is my card from Vlad.  (RU-1490545)

Ciao for Now!